Children’s Mountain Biking: Maintenance Tips for After a Ride

Mountain trekking is inseparable from moving ceaselessly, investigating nature and going on
experiences. In any case, among timberlands and mountains, mud and shakes, your bicycle is
scrutinized! How would you really focus on it after a ride? How would you clean and keep up with
your off-road bicycle chain? How would you clean your and your kid's trail blazing bicycle? Thomas,
cycling expert and children's bicycles item administrator at B'TWIN, gives us his best tips!

Chain, cassette…How do you clean your bicycle appropriately?

"You shouldn't think little of the significance of cleaning with regards to really focusing on your trail
blazing bicycle. It eliminates a large portion of the soil and mud that can, after some time, cause
harm. The following are a couple tips to do things right. To begin, stay away from high tension water!
The strain of the water can harm the paint and parts on your bicycle. Choose a basic, viable stream of
water. Then, I would suggest getting a pail of high temp water, dish cleanser and a wipe. For more
particular riders, there are even explicit cleansers for bicycles. Finally, recollect to clean the bicycle's
chain (drive train) and the tape with the back derailleur, these are key parts that you need to keep up
with to expand the life expectancy of your bicycle. Cleaning units with particular brushes are likewise
accessible to assist you with coming to little hiding spots when washing your off-road bicycle. This
will allow you to get a genuine profound clean."

The significance of drying your bicycle

"It's significant! I would emphatically caution against avoiding this progression. On the off chance
that, for instance, you don't dry around the drive train, water will deteriorate and can cause rust
spots, particularly if the chain was not cleaned well. Simply a plain cloth will get the job done. In case
there are any fussbudgets among us, you can likewise get done with a high tension air hose. You can
make your bicycle look very much like new after a ride, which, you need to concede, is really

Remember: ensure your bicycle has been appropriately dried. On the off chance that any water stays
on the parts, any oil or ointment you apply will be less powerful…

Off-road bicycle cleaning: when to clean your drive train and how to oil your trail blazing bicycle

The drive train is a bit like the engine on your vehicle: it's vital for the appropriate working of your
bicycle. Thomas discloses how to grease up your trail blazing bicycle:

"Remember that the drive train is the main piece of your bicycle: base section shell, pedals, chain,
machine gear-pieces, and so forth To keep everything fit as a fiddle, I would suggest degreasing the
drive train after each ride with an appropriate degreasing item that eliminates residue and soil that
develops and can be hurtful to its legitimate working. Subsequent to utilizing the degreaser, recall to
then regrease the drive train to make it simpler to change speeds."

Our tip: in the wake of lubing the drive train, pedal and switch speeds with the goal that you utilize
all of the pinions and pinion wheels. This guarantees your drive train works appropriately.



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Actually however, where do you clean your trail blazing bicycle?

On the off chance that you have a touch of additional room in your nursery, loft yard or even your
street, we suggest doing it at home: a container, wipe, cloth and a couple of cleaning items will do
the work. Keep away from the vehicle wash, high strain water can harm parts on your bicycle!

Also, in the event that you don't have the items you need at home, you can track down all the
cleaning items you need for your bicycle here!

Bicycle upkeep begins with your brakes!

"I would likewise say that you need to check your bicycle's brakes regularly, regardless of whether
they're edge brakes or plate brakes. For edge brakes, ensure that they're not very worn with mud.
There could be no simpler way of doing it, simply look at the wear marker. You can likewise discover
just by pushing on the brake switch. On the off chance that toward the finish of your ride, it takes
you longer to stop, then, at that point, they're beginning to wear out. Successive checks and
beneficial routines can assist you with keeping away from dreadful astonishments when out on a

Do you need to reinflate your tires after a ride?

"Everything relies upon your next ride. In the event that you have effectively been riding and need to
utilize your bicycle the following day, the appropriate response is yes. Be that as it may, if your next
ride isn't for a little while later, skip reinflation. The inward cylinder is permeable essentially so on
the off chance that you don't anticipate riding in the following not many days, the tires will flatten.
The most ideal choice is to reinflate your tires not long prior to leaving. You can utilize this chance to
guarantee there aren't any unfamiliar articles in a tire or a cut opening. One final tire tip, I suggest
routinely taking a look at the track for wear. A ragged tire track can become smooth and diminish
your grasp. Assuming you need to ride a critical distance, you can actually take a look at the stem's
snugness (the part that holds the handlebars) and the handlebars themselves."

A short rundown:

1. Check that there aren't any unfamiliar articles

2. Really take a look at the wear of the track

3. On the off chance that the track is smooth, you hazard having more awful holds on rides

Step by step instructions to shield your bicycle from harm

"For instance, on trail blazing bicycles with plate brakes, when you degrease the bicycle's chain, you
need to ensure not to get oil on the circle brakes or edge brakes. Your brakes may very well
stop…braking! Or on the other hand once more, I've even seen riders fix their guiding framework by
changing the screws on the stem excessively. Here again you must be cautious, since fixing these torx
screws too firmly can break the framework. So I don't suggest doing it without anyone else's help in
case you're not totally sure. All things considered, head into one of our studios so you can be ensured
that all parts work impeccably. "

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